About Liketu

Social Media on The Blockchain

Liketu is a social media platform that easily lets users create, share and monetize content on a blockchain network.

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Create and Discover Content.

Post and tag quality content on the hottest blockchain-powered social network. Connect with people and discover user created content you love.

Build and Join Communities.

Create and grow communities on Liketu with premium content creation. Stand out from the crowd and offer exclusive premium member perks and engagement features.

Monetize and Support with Crypto.

Tap into the power of crypto content monetization, a place where your engagement pays and reputation is earned. Create, comment and engage for rewards across the HIVE network. Support your favourite content creators through premium memberships, direct donations and exclusive engagement features.

Your Content and Money on The Blockchain.

Welcome to the era of decentralized social media, you’re in charge of your content and money. Everything you create on Liketu is immutable on the decentralized Hive network.

Direct Crypto Payments

Monetize your premium content and maximise your income with ease. We use the Hive Blockchain to offer rapid crypto payments, full transparency, and ultra-low fees*. Take direct payments and tips from your members, we never hold your money.